What “Experts” Miss about Economic Inequality

That’s a question USA Today posed to three “policy experts on the left and the right” in this recent article . The responses, while unsurprising, were nevertheless disappointing. For libertarians, economic inequality itself is not problematic, as long as it is in the context of an unfettered market economy free of government privileges and interference. Source: What “Experts” Miss about Economic Inequality Continue reading What “Experts” Miss about Economic Inequality

Champagne (A Bubbly Mini Economic Outlook)

… oh, you bubbly liquid – let’s celebrate! As we prepare for this blog/economic outlook, the Dow Jones Industrial Index (Dow), comprised of the 30 highest capitalized (i.e., largest) companies in the U.S., has marked new historic highs, above the 14,000 level. Last time around, in 2007, some clever garment producers made T-shirts to celebrate the Dow’s second “lofty” record (the first being the year … Continue reading Champagne (A Bubbly Mini Economic Outlook)

Oops Upside Your Head

Posted By: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey We have been pretty much in your faces (our apologies), regarding the big and rather pressing topics, such as asset price inflation, real (global) purchasing power, and related currency wars. In this respect, it was with great delight (at least for us) to have read the latest publication by QB Asset Management, stating (in our words, somewhat simplified) that anticipating … Continue reading Oops Upside Your Head

The Sis’-in-Law Edition

My sister-in-law came clean yesterday: She is no longer reading our blogs … but(!), she has created a folder in her email application to save all incoming “bloggery,” in case there is another power-outage (i.e., at a later time). Yeah, right! My astonished inquiry resulted in a good-enough discovery:  “It is all too complicated,” she explained. Admittedly, my sister-in-law is a smart woman, but our … Continue reading The Sis’-in-Law Edition


Posted By: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey On a trip to good jolly ol’ England – and, sure enough, in London it has been gray:  gray-colored skies and (quite reliable) rain; just the way I like it (considering I grew up not far from here in Northern Germany, similar in climate and “feel”). When, traveling, I often find the best economic assessment usually comes from taxi and … Continue reading Knightsbridge

In(cu)flator: International Man of Mystery

Posted By: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey Let’s forget about Bernanke and Draghi and all the “good weather captains” of the world  ̶  and not even spend a minute on what happened after yesterday’s ECB announcement … as everything was pre-announced and staged before it actually happened anyway. A little more than a year ago, we described, in QE3 Is Here, an absolute “coup”:  the release of 30 … Continue reading In(cu)flator: International Man of Mystery

Trilemma (… the Hole in Jackson)

Posted By: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey It came and went – the most anticipated speech of the year:  FED Chairman, Ben Bernanke (live and in color), reporting from Jackson Hole. Aside from the fact that asset allocation is driven by Central Banks these days (an absurd concept that requires a different discussion), what is truly fascinating is that Benny B. left a “gaping hole” in the expectations … Continue reading Trilemma (… the Hole in Jackson)

Honey for the Bees (Part II)

Posted By: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey In November 2011, we concluded that the global economy is “far from a sustainable recovery,” and it appears as if the world finally agrees with this assessment. Why else would financial markets have come to a “stand still,” with the global investment community waiting for Mr. Bernanke’s “direction” regarding asset allocation, in the most anticipated speech of the year at Jackson … Continue reading Honey for the Bees (Part II)

Doctor, Doctor (Part 2)

Posted By:  Matthias Paul Kuhlmey A lot of “green” can be seen on our monitors this morning. This must be it – the final “relief rally,” with our “talking heads” in Europe promising their best efforts to save the financial system. The fact that nothing has been done doesn’t seem to matter. We continue to believe European leaders are operating in a “decision-making vacuum,” until … Continue reading Doctor, Doctor (Part 2)