What “Experts” Miss about Economic Inequality

That’s a question USA Today posed to three “policy experts on the left and the right” in this recent article . The responses, while unsurprising, were nevertheless disappointing. For libertarians, economic inequality itself is not problematic, as long as it is in the context of an unfettered market economy free of government privileges and interference. Source: What “Experts” Miss about Economic Inequality Continue reading What “Experts” Miss about Economic Inequality

Goog’ A Trillion

By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. Just dare to let loose in the Google search bar by typing “What Comes After …” and the first choice offered by the instant search is not Life, as you may suspect, but Trillion. Most certainly, life in a global society with increasingly bigger numbers can be confusing, but it should comfort us that even pompous, world-suing Dr. Evil couldn’t get it … Continue reading Goog’ A Trillion

Guilt Is Not a Feeling …

By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. … is what I learned from a dear friend some years ago. Apparently, guilt is a “derivative” of fear, when accepting the fact that there are only two basic life emotions: love and fear. Mr. Bill Gross, renowned asset manager and co-founder of a fixed income empire (California-based PIMCO), broke the news last week that he feels “guilty” for having enriched … Continue reading Guilt Is Not a Feeling …

Of Milk and Chocolate

By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. It may come as a pure coincidence, or somewhat cosmic irony, that three of the leading global economists recently awarded with the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences, on the subject of “Understanding Asset Prices,” are Americans. Certainly not ironic, given their collective intellect and most profound contribution to academia and society, but more so given the fact that the U.S. Fed, … Continue reading Of Milk and Chocolate

The Only Way is Up (Part II)

By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. Nice – conveniently, the title of this blog covers our music reference (Yazz & the Plastic Population scored a #1 hit in the UK in 1988), and provides an opportunity for an update to previous work. In September of 2012, we noted that, when considering lasting economic challenges of most developed nations, it was remarkable how well equity markets performed since … Continue reading The Only Way is Up (Part II)

Please Allow…

By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. … a long overdue rant. Market participants have unleashed a celebratory firework in equity markets over pretty much nothing (nothing that is!). As stated numerous times, we are treating good data as good, bad data as even better, and the fact that a failing Government is now “speaking” as an even better outcome. What a noble and generous gesture of our political leaders to … Continue reading Please Allow…


By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. An interesting approach to media: divert from what is really going on – i.e., the utter mess still unfolding in D.C. This morning, I was able to “catch” a rerun of Scam of the Century: Bernie Madoff’s Crime & Punishment. Throughout the documentary, Madoff’s doings were recognized as potentially the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. As a refresher, a “Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investment operation … Continue reading Ponzi

Ask Me To Dance

By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. The notorious “I have to tell as is” judge over talent (or not), British music producer, Mr. Simon Cowell, is back. A recent performance by duo, Second Hand High, on Cowell’s top-rated music show, The X Factor, can be considered as one of the marvels of life in modern society. Whereas Mr. Cowell judged the performance as “terrible” (with a big … Continue reading Ask Me To Dance

Happy Nation – The Sign!

By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. Happy Nation, aka The Sign (for release in the U.S.), was one of the best-selling debut albums of a band ever. Behind the music was Swedish pop band, Ace of Base. At the time of their emergence in the early 1990s, Sweden’s banking system, following years of “imprudent regulation, short-sighted economic policy, and the end of [its] a property boom,” was practically left insolvent. Unemployment in the … Continue reading Happy Nation – The Sign!