The Values Dimension

Original thought may not be the leading edge in financial advice; and I do not refer to the merits of product innovation or advances in fintech and wealthtech but a sincere ability to differentiate and challenge forms of engagement. If the more common narrative still starts with “and we do financial planning,” you get my point. As I had suggested in “Succession: A Relevance Crisis,” … Continue reading The Values Dimension

The Money (R)evolution

The hype around Bitcoin is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg, masking massive shifts in socio-economic behavior, collaboration, and participation. Emerging technologies, like blockchain, will transform the way we relate and trust each other, and how value, or money, can be become inclusive again. There is increasing hype focused on the comatose rise of digital assets, particularly in Bitcoin; the doubters, lovers, and haters … Continue reading The Money (R)evolution

Succession: A Relevance Crisis

This opinion piece is a colossal failure in upholding the art of suspense, spoiling the storyline right in the title. Yet, there is more than one plot twist to consider when closely observing an industry that appears to be (too) assured of how to manage an unprecedented wave of financial advisors leaving the business.    By a simple count of “self-disclosures,” or understanding the specific … Continue reading Succession: A Relevance Crisis


By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. A 2017 observation, more relevant than ever: “Sustainability can only be based on a few things: 1) investing in and improving the educational system, providing basis for widespread opportunity at a fair cost; 2) creating the right economic share across the full spectrum of all economic participants, especially targeting a much-needed improvement of real vs. nominal wages; and 3) aiming for a … Continue reading Bubblewrapped


By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. Tension keeps lingering, at times not even allowing the slightest hope of bridging our conquering world views; my wife and I continue to lead a passionate debate over what has been and, more importantly, what we should expect to come. Our ongoing give-and-take, if it had to be defined in brief, is largely centered around regaining perspective on recent geopolitical and … Continue reading Bubblewrapped

The Only Teacher…

With near certainty, philosopher Schopenhauer was not pondering the nature of investing when stating that “only loss teaches us about the value of things,” but there is certainly some relevance to financial markets. After all, what investor does not remember the (likely painful) lessons learned during the invalidating crashes of 2000/2001 (Dotcom Bust) and 2008/2009 (Credit Crisis)? This blog was posted originally with Continue reading The Only Teacher…

? (Fragezeichen)

’80s flashback: Nena tunes are blasting from my speakers. “…I look around. Try something, I don’t exactly know the way…” The lyrics from her song Fragezeichen (translated as “question mark”) pretty much sum-up my attitude towards today’s capital markets. After years of excessive accommodation by global policymakers, paired with a self-declared “riskless” world by most investors, we are now living another dream that is puffing up … Continue reading ? (Fragezeichen)

The End Of The World As We Know It

By Matthias Paul Kuhlmey. Several years ago, I became convinced that some of us have an ability to see the future, as, admittedly and quite practically, for those that pay detailed attention to socioeconomic shifts, the future is looking right at them. In 2014, my version of this “anticipated” future appeared to be eerily close to what is currently unfolding around the globe, but expressly … Continue reading The End Of The World As We Know It